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Pam Wishbow


My name is Pam Wishbow, I’m an illustrator and general maker of things. 

I live in gloomy Seattle with my cat Earthling and together we make work with a style heavily inspired by my interest in teaching myself print making. 

My days are filled with freelance jobs and making work for my own shop. Any excuse to draw something, really. I love to set moods and inlay my work with symbols and shapes that create a weight and shared feeling.

My shop contains prints, handmade etched jewelry, oracle cards, carniale style fortune kits, and comics.

Represented by How Do You Do

Contact me:

Projects I’m especially interested in:

Show Posters, editorial illustration, packaging illustration, Game Illustration, surface design, and book illustration.

However, I’m pretty much up for anything.

Previous clients

Redhook Brewery, Mandala Jogos, Seattle Sounders, Sub Pop, Seattle Weekly, intercom, PLU, Chicago Reader, Eater, ReedPop, Kazoo, Rhino Records, Canlis, Verity Credit Union, Mailchimp, Bust Magazine, Bitch Magazine